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A World of Scribbles

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This community was created to promote writing. Come join our biweekly and recurring competitions.
This community was created in order to foster writing. How exactly do we plan to accomplish that? Here's our premise.

  1. In order to get good at something, you have to practice. Every two weeks, you will be given a writing prompt on Sunday, with a deadline of one week to post your response. muchtooarrogant is in charge of this activity.

  2. On opposite weeks from the Main Writing Challenge, you will be given a Poetry Exercise on Monday. Responses to the Poetry Exercise will be due on the following Monday. lrig_rorrim is in charge of this activity.

  3. You should post your response to any writing prompt in your own journal, but be sure to post a link to it in the comments of the prompt as well. That way, community members who are not on your friends list will be able to find, read, and hopefully vote for your submission. If you're not certain how to do this, Click Here.

  4. worldofscribble currently has four recurring writing features.
    • Wednesday's Works in Progress is posted weekly, and allows community members to request feedback on works they submit. muchtooarrogant is in charge of this activity.

    • The Random Writing Feature is posted on the Monday after the main challenge, and as the name suggests, is just as random as we can make it. lrig_rorrim is in charge of this activity.

    • What's In A Place is posted on the Friday after the Main Writing Challenge, and gives you a setting, usually just a few sentences, that you must somehow work into your piece. muchtooarrogant is in charge of this activity.

    • The Timed Writing Feature is posted on the Thursday after voting ends. You're given two topics, and two writing deadlines to meet. muchtooarrogant is in charge of this activity.

    All recurring features, except for Wednesday's Works in Progress, will be included in the biweekly voting poll as well.

  5. At the end of the submission week, your maintainers will post a poll consisting of all the works submitted for consideration. You will have four days to vote for your favorite entries. If you like something, vote for it. If there's more than one submission you want to vote for, go right ahead. Once the voting period ends, your maintainers will count up the votes for each submission, and announce the winner.

  6. Writing prompts will sometimes be posted by the community maintainers, and sometimes by other group members they've managed to rope into the task. If you have an idea for a writing prompt, please send a message to AWorldofScribbles@gmail.com.

  7. Membership here is open, but we want this community to be interactive. So, constructive criticism of submissions is definitely encouraged. Conversely, you don't technically have to write one word publicly to be a member here, but we'd still like you to give authors feedback on what they've written.

  8. If you would like to submit something for feedback, but not have it voted on, just let us know when you post the link to it in your journal.

  9. Aside from writing and voting, community members are also encouraged to talk about the writing process in the Discussion thread posted along with each writing challenge. What is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing? What doesn't work?

The boring stuff:

  • When submitting a piece to be voted on, please give it some sort of working title. People are more likely to vote for your work if it's got a title, rather than simply being referred to as Choice X on the ballot.

  • Be polite. You're certainly welcome to explain why you didn't like a submission, just be nice about it.

  • If your work contains elements such as Strong Language, Violence, or Explicit Sexual Content, please alert the community by flagging the link you post with some descriptive text. For example, (contains strong language.)

  • If you have a question for either one of this community's maintainers, or a complaint about another community member, you may e-mail it to AWorldofScribbles@gmail.com, or send it to muchtooarrogant or lrig_rorrim via LJ's messaging feature. DO NOT get into a flame war.

Good luck.